R.E.A.L. Community™

Welcome to a program combining 3 methods into 1

The R.E.A.L. Healing Method + Gene Keys + Human Design

A weekly Gene Keys and Human Design Transformation Coaching Community to guide spiritual seekers, entrepreneurs & coaches to live in alignment with their highest purpose and designed prosperity unique to them.

 Trilogy Money Code Formula is designed to unlock and activate your money and success flow unique to you.

The program that combines all 3 methods into 1 is the Trilogy Money Code Formula and is a foundational course for Human Design & the Gene Keys for conscious individuals, entrepreneurs, and coaches.

R.E.A.L. Healing Method© is a healing modality to decondition and remove negative emotions, thoughts, patterns, and imprints caused by life’s events or trauma. It’s intended to increase your frequency for a life of abundance, love, and freedom.

The program is designed to dive deep into the soul’s journey, and the power of the aura, and align with your original spiritual blueprint to unlock the highest purpose. 

Learn about your money/wealth/prosperity codes within your spiritual DNA so no matter what is happening in the world you have all of the tools to live your best life. 



  • Opening your heart to possibilities.
  • Strengthening your confidence by becoming aware of your money beliefs.
  • Getting past the barriers that keep you stuck.
  • Exploring the blueprint you were born with.
  • Diving deep into your shadows and gifts along with how to use them.
  • Live video 60-90 min. weekly sessions
  • Foundational Human Design & Gene Key information.
  • Guiding the Activation of 3 core energy centers [spiritual DNA] to the money code formula.
  • Detailed understanding of what an Aura, Energy type, and Authority mean. 
  • Human Design & Gene Keys chart composites.
  • Hands-on activities to achieve a new money goal in 10 weeks (or more). 
  • Live Coaching for healing the core ancestral money blocks. 

Valued: Priceless and Timeless



  • Transmit your legacy by using your gifts to empower humanity
  • Activate your very own money code formula you were born with so you can empower many more people and live the lifestyle you desire
  • Nurture meaningful relationships because you show up as your true self so your tribe can find and hire you
  • Live from your authority in alignment with your energy type
  • Access your Spiritual DNA, to more fully live your life on your own terms
You are not here to hide your light away but to stand tall and breathe. 

About Judy

My name is Judy Jewett, and I am the creator and founder of R.E.A.L. Healing Method© an easy, powerful 4-step process that identifies and releases in NOW time the negative emotional energy that gets stuck in the body. 
I am a mother of four beautiful, kind, and successful children that light up my heart and soul. 
Currently, I have a puppy named Bella Gracie and four Husky granddoggies, I enjoy making them special dog treats.
I am a mother of four beautiful, kind, and successful children that light up my heart and soul. 
Currently, I have a puppy named Bella Gracie and four Husky granddoggies, I enjoy making them special dog treats.
For the past 25 years, I have helped thousands of conscious people to unlock their spiritual gifts, release their blocked energy, and heal. I have accomplished this through speaking, workshops, internet TV shows, podcasts, coaching, healing, and intuitive sessions. 

Trilogy Money Code Formula 

Details about the offer

(10 Week Hands-on Program)


  • We will meet Live on Zoom for 60-90 minutes for 10 scheduled weeks. 
  • You’ll have access to all of the recorded sessions.
  •  Foundational Human Design & Gene Key information.
    • Hands-on approach to activate your Money Code Formula
    • Complete understanding of what an Aura, Energy type, and Authority mean to use in your life and use it with family or clients.
    • Human Design & Gene Keys chart composites of your Spiritual Blueprint Charts
    • Hands-on activities to achieve a new money or success goal in 90 days (or more)
    • Use an ancient 3-step process to manifest your deepest desires 
    • Live Coaching for healing your core ancestral money blocks.


    Opportunity to attend a LIVE in-person Prosperity Retreat in the Asheville, NC area scheduled for April 2024

    Added resources you’ll locate in the portal :

    • 6 prerecorded R.E.A.L. Healing Method© sessions for core wound healing. [Value: $1,100]
    • Excel sheet to organize your expenses and profit (net income). [$100.]
    • 60-minute one-on-one session [$300.]
    • Charts to use with R.E.A.L. Healing Method© [$300]
    • Money Formula resource library of PDF worksheets, Money & Success Meditations, and more. [$1,500+]

      Total value is [$3,300]

    During this course, we’ll be covering:

    You will begin understanding how to use Human Design & Gene Keys together for alignment, ease & flow and see the results you want.

    Your confidence, purpose, and ability to manifest will increase and skyrocket.

    You will have the tools to eliminate stress, overwhelm, and frustration.

    By understanding and utilizing your Spiritual Blueprint you will bring more pure love and Divine Light into your life.

    Expand your aura, awareness, and consciousness.

    Unlock three personal core money codes and apply the information in the program to increase your money flow.

    Q + A: 

    What are the Gene Keys?

    Inspired by the ancient Chinese I Ching, the Gene Keys are an inner journey whose purpose is to transform our core beliefs about ourselves, thus raising our lives to a whole new level of awareness.  Understanding the frequency range of the shadow patterns to the highest expression of each personal code will unlock a beautiful magical journey into the awakening of the full self-illuminated being that you are. Known as the highest expression of our God-self.

    What is Human Design?

    Human Design is a science-based systematic road map of self-discovery that combines I Ching, Astrology, & Kabbah for your soul’s purpose of understanding individual Energy types and authority for alignment. 

    What is the R.E.A.L Healing Method©?
    • R.E.A.L. Healing Method© is a state-of-the-art ancient four-step process that guides a person in shifting from limitation to abundance. R.E.A.L. stands for Release, Embrace, Align, and Let Go!
    Why combine all 3 programs?
    • The Gene Keys and Human Design hold the means to your purpose and prosperity codes…
    • The R.E.A.L. Healing Method© keeps that door open without the ups and downs, never enough  & going in circles.

    Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don’t feel a benefit discovering your money formula or adventuring through the R.E.A.L. Healing Method© with Human Design & the Gene Keys or don’t feel that it meets your needs- please submit your refund request form on or before 10 days [after the first class.] We’ll happily issue qualifying customers a refund. 

    Email me at support@judyjewett.com if you have additional questions.