R.E.A.L. Community™

Join us for an adventure to connect deeply with your inner spark

Reconnect * Rejuvenate * Align

Here’s your opportunity to reignite your direction in life with a group of powerhouse individuals for 3-days and 2-nights.

Learn to shift patterns:

Despite the best efforts, lower energies from the collective consciousness often resurface and demand attention to be healed. For instance, subconscious patterns like indecisiveness, giving in to distractions, or the feeling of never being good enough tend to creep into the mind.

We are aware that fear is a lower vibration. Still, sometimes, we experience the weight on our chest and shoulders, the nervousness in the solar plexus, anxiety and stress, and the inability to quiet the mind. 

Imagine in three days:

Having spiritual tools to help you stay grounded, centered, and aligned in higher frequencies of bliss, peace, love, and joy. 

Shoulders relaxed, heart open for more love, calmness in the solar plexus, and more light vibrating through your Aura emerges.

Sounds great, right?


Bend of Ivy Lodge:


It’s nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the original home of the Cherokee Tribes. You will be on over 63 acres of private stewarded land (near Asheville, NC), walking into vortexes of pure divine light as the creativity channels for clarity, intuitive guidance, and love emerge. 

Enjoy magical views, experiences, and spaces in the heart of tranquility, mindfulness, and zen-like moments.


  • Stay in the lodge both nights. 
  • The bedrooms has two twin beds and there’s a private loft (first come basis) that also has a twin-size bed.
  • Cozy, clean lodge with all amenities, including sheets, blankets, and towels.
  • We’ll be gathering in the lodge for yoga, meditation, journaling, and breakout sessions.
  • All meals are catered and served in the screened dining area overlooking nature.
  • There is a commercial-sized kitchen and a smaller kitchen for tea and coffee.
  • Family style and smaller dining tables to practice mindfulness in eating.
  • We’ll join in the pavilion for Saturday’s yoga, meditation, and sharing.
  • There’s a boathouse for small gatherings with an extra bed in a loft.


What are some benefits of living in alignment with your True Self, Inner Spark, and Authentic Self?

Make quantum leaps into your higher vibrations.

Experience prosperity flowing with ease.

A deeper soul expression of the Divine within felt as love, bliss, and balance.

Expansion of greater dimensions for freedom.

Experience walking into a sacred space from your magnetic power.

Ground in the sovereignty of who you are as you embrace your unique spiritual blueprint.

Opening the portals of ascension. 

More fulfillment, satisfaction, peace, success, and magic. 

Eating a vegetarian or vegan diet can provide additional health and meditation benefits.

Consuming primarily fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts can help a person vibrate at higher frequencies, which may lead to more sustained calmness and peaceful energy. This can also help connect more deeply with the inner self and intuitive nature. Additionally, following a  vegetarian or vegan diet helps to naturally clear the mind of chaos and any lingering feelings of imbalance.

Building a sacred space through daily activities

All meals are catered primarily with locally sourced ingredients, gluten-free, vegan, and no artificial flavors are used. The only sugars present will be either honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, or the naturally occurring sugars from the foods. These are beautiful accommodations in a serene location. You’ll have opportunities to walk the labyrinth and sit by the Koi fish pond. You can participate in light hiking on the property. Guided yoga classes and meditation instruction are led daily. In the evenings we’ll gather around the fire for drum circles. There will be opportunities to journal, contemplate your soul’s journey, and learn about high-frequency eating. We’ll make offerings to the creek and practice going with the flow.

You’ll be stepping into your power, heart consciousness, and connecting with nature and those around you.


Limited to 14

 Gathering in the lodge for yoga, meditation, journaling, and discussions.

All catered meals are vegan and served in the screened dining area overlooking nature.

A commercial-sized and a smaller kitchen for tea and coffee and cooking.

Family style and smaller dining tables for mindfulness eating.

Cozy, clean lodge with all of the amenities.

The bedrooms have two twin beds and one twin-size bed in a private loft.

A  pavilion for Saturday’s yoga, meditation, and sharing.

A boathouse for small gatherings with an extra bed in the loft and the lodge.

Early bird register by April 30, 2024


Full price registration from May 1 – June 10, 2024


Begin the adventure on Friday, August 23, 2024 at 1pm and conclude on Sunday, August 25, 2024 at 4pm

Meet the Transformation Team

Meet Judy

Judy is the founder of the R.E.A.L. Healing Method©. She is a podcast TV host, author, Gene Keys Guide, and a transformation agent of the universe. She is known among the Masters as a Way-Shower who has incarnated to assist in the great shift.

She successfully unlocked and activated her spiritual DNA using the Gene Keys, Human Design, and R.E.A.L. Healing Methods©, resulting in a profound transformation.

Her life mission is to guide and support conscious individuals in realizing their full potential by activating their spiritual DNA. 

Judy empathizes with those who find it challenging to let go of their past struggles and negative experiences. Living in a cycle of pain, hardship, self-doubt, and negativity can lead to constant suffering, insecurity, anxiety, anger, and feelings of inadequacy, even when one is on a spiritual path.

Judy’s R.E.A.L. Healing Method© successfully assists conscious people in their journey toward higher consciousness by accessing and activating their genetic light codes at the deepest level of their souls, enabling an experience of a deep connection with their inner power, wisdom, and purpose for a fulfilling life. Open your heart to pure love, expanding trust and freedom. The question is, Are you ready for R.E.A.L. (Release, Embrace, Align, Love) change?

Meet Rebecca Nissen.

Rebecca is a Reiki Master with training in Pranic Healing, an Intuitive Life Coach, and a Medium who is extremely passionate about eating clean, organic vegan foods. She teaches the importance of understanding how food directly affects your well-being, both your physical and mental health. She is well-versed in explaining our energy body and how to maintain balance in the mind, body, and soul. 

Rebecca is a wife and mother of 4 and an interior designer. She is dedicated and passionate about maintaining a balanced inner state and working towards self-mastery. Her family shares the same dedication. Morning meditation and yogic practices come before anything else. Maintaining a balanced state is essential in life; there is only chaos without balance. Sharing her knowledge from years of research and channeling information is one of her favorite things. Always eager to help and give intuitive guidance when needed.

Meet Elisha Schwabauer

Elisha has been practicing meditation and yoga for over 20 years.

The first time she sat down to meditate was by trying Trataka, or candle gazing to focus the mind. After that, she learned Shambhala meditation while at Naropa University. Elisha is also a Chopra-certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor.

Elisha started practicing yoga in 2001. Her first introduction was to Ashtanga Yoga; she loved how calm her mind felt afterward.

This type of yoga was deeply satisfying because it was a way to exercise her athletic background by blending the spiritual components woven by linking the breath with movement. She knew she wanted to learn how to teach yoga from that moment forward. 

In 2008, she graduated with a BA from Naropa University’s Traditional Eastern Arts program, emphasizing Yoga Teacher Training by completing a 1000-hour Yoga Teacher Training program. Elisha is inspired to teach yoga to help others deepen their spiritual connection, calm their minds, and strengthen their bodies.

Meet Chef Katie, Fioreously Delicious

A little bit about me… I have been cooking professionally for over 25 years.  I live in South Asheville with my husband (who is also a chef), our two teenagers, Lidia and Will, and our beloved dogs, Zeke and Pearl.

I have a passion for eating, cooking, and living clean. I love finding new ways to make the healthiest food approachable and delicious, including helping clients who live with a restricted diet. In 2013 my family and I moved to the area and I founded my personal chef business, Chef Katie, LLC.

In 2019, I rebranded the business as Fioreously Delicious Culinary Services to include more vacation and event catering and expand on our retreat services. We have a commercial kitchen space as well as a small team of experienced chefs.

 Katie Fiore


Fioreously Delicious, Inc.


Can I invite a friend to the room with me?

Yes! Please understand the cost of the retreat is per person, not per room.

Is this retreat for me if I don't have much experience with yoga or meditation?

Absolutely! Whether you have a regular yoga and meditation practice or have never tried either, you’ll be met where you are and have the experience that’s right for you now.

Everyone can learn from the content and experience being offered at In-lightment Retreats.

What if I don’t practice a vegetarian or vegan diet, will I have enough food?

Yes, there will be plenty of delicious and nourishing food for everyone! This can be a great opportunity to see how wonderful you’ll feel with fresh vegetarian and vegan foods.

Are there single rooms to stay in without a roommate?

There is one, a loft with a twin bed. It’s offered on a first come basis. To access the loft there is a built-in ladder.

Do you offer a refund if I sign up but then have an emergency?

Due to the limited number of people who can attend, and that we have to reserve each spot in advance while being charged regardless of if we use all the spaces or not, we can consider offering a full refund until May 1. Then after May 1, if someone books in your spot, we can offer a full refund minus bank fees. Alternatively, you can always use the down payment towards another retreat.

Can I make multiple payments?

You sure can!


Please stop momentarily, put a hand on your heart, close your eyes, relax, and take a few deep breaths.

 If your soul calls you to be a bright light for these changes, this is your invitation.

Gaia is laying a foundational platform for the sixth dimension for all awakened to the sixth. 

Expect a surge of openness and awareness; the heart consciousness will expand as you continue in the higher frequencies.

The Earth will continue to make changes as we prepare ourselves for those changes.

Please know we all can survive beautifully in the sixth dimension without knowing that the walls that appear to be closing us in the realities are falling apart as the fisherman’s net; think of a fisherman’s net. This is the matrix of time and space.