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Your DNA holds your full potential.

Time to Wake Up and Rise as the


Consider this YOUR SIGN to let go of the lingering shadows of yesterday to embrace the opportunity of today so you can live your life at full potential. 

Get ready to tap into limitless freedom, prosperity and alignment by deepening your heart-soul connection on a molecular level for ultimate LOVE, PROSPERITY and HEALTH!

Come expand your AURA and charge your vibes.

Let’s get R.E.A.L

…and yet, no matter how many boxes you check-off, you feel oddly unsatisfied and stuck? 

Although everything looks picture perfect on the outside, and yet something deep down in your soul is telling you that there is more to life than meets the eye. 

A little voice that appears every time an opportunity presents itself to you, convincing you to turn it away every time. And when you look back at your life, this invisible holding pattern continues on like a hamster wheel, leaving you trapped and unable to have the life your heart and soul desires.

If you’re truly honest with yourself, you wish for a life free of frustration and full of satisfaction. 

You have bigger dreams tucked away within the crevices of your soul and buried under the heavy weight of obligation, expectations and resentment. 

 As time goes on, you continue to find yourself in situations that result in more pain, loss, suffering, limitations, unfilled dreams, unhealthy relationships, and health challenges.

All the while, you secretly wish to activate your true soul’s calling to live a life of true freedom, love and prosperity where your heart, mind, body and soul are strong and resilient. 

And it’s not for a lack of trying either. 

Most likely you’ve: 

  • Gone to dozens of healers
  • Pursued  your spiritual development
  • Studied different healing modalities, mindsets, and Universal laws

…all in the hopes of getting past your blocks and calling in ultimate manifestation and magnetism. But every time you heal a small part of yourself, nothing changes. 

Almost like something within you won’t allow you to move forward, no matter how hard you try. 

Here’s what you need to know…

The blocks and the resistance you feel are hidden, deep down in your DNA. Quite possibly, the reason why you continue to stumble and feel unsatisfied is because the healing you’ve received has only hit the surface, missing the mark on the real root causes behind your paralysis. 

These life events become a movie played out on stage of your life as you are the main character in our cellular powerless, unheard, never enough.

The good news is, once you properly address your healing journey (down into your DNA and your soul’s core), you will tap into the exact genetic codes to unlock limitless potential, wealth and abundance, changing the course of your life in a matter of weeks.

Introducing…the R.E.A.L. Healing Method© ! 

What is the R.E.A.L. Healing Method©, you ask?

The powerful and yet simple 4-step method to become the BEST version of you. It is the only modality that results in instantaneous healing while connecting to the deepest parts of your intuition and your full potential.

You see, most people never reach anywhere close to their true potential (close to 95%) due to conditioning and beliefs passed down in generations before them that do not align with them at all. 

Client Testimonial:

Donna Myer

By missing out on the R.E.A.L heart-soul connection, they end up leading their lives with their heads, not their hearts.  

With the R.E.A.L. Healing Method©, not only will you be able to release the ensnarement of past traumas and wounds, but you will be able to change your life’s trajectory for the better. 

Are you ready to get rid of the head chatter and inner critics so you can finally be free to be YOU? 

To love yourself and live your life without judgment? 

Then, you need the R.E.A.L. Healing Method©. It is the only modality that will allow you to tap into the blueprint of your identity deep inside of your DNA so you can finally answer your soul’s deepest yearnings to have sovereignty over your choices and live a life full of joy. 

These life events become a movie played out on stage of your life as you are the main character in our cellular powerless, unheard, never enough.

The good news is, once you properly address your healing journey (down into your DNA and your soul’s core), you will tap into the exact genetic codes to unlock limitless potential, wealth and abundance, changing the course of your life in a matter of weeks

By using the R.E.A.L. HEALING METHOD©, you can communicate directly with your genetic coding to change the expression of your genes:

  • Immediate Healing, Repairing, and Activating
  • Releasing the lower frequencies
  • Vanquishing negative beliefs from your cellular memories.

    We draw upon the tools and wisdom of Akashic, Ancestral Lineage, Human Design, Gene Keys, [your cosmic profile] Divine wisdom, to activate your genetic codes to significantly raise your VIBRATION and crack open the magic of your magnetism! 

    The good news is, once you properly address your healing journey (down into your DNA and your soul’s core), you will tap into the exact genetic codes to unlock limitless potential, wealth and abundance, changing the course of your life in a matter of weeks

    With the R.E.A.L. HEALING METHOD©, you will be able to: 

    • Access source transmissions and DNA activations for soul alignment and prosperity becoming more of your higher self

    • Heal past trauma and generational wounds on a profound level, instantaneously!

    • Unlock the richness of your gifts and your voice to further serve and live your full- purpose.

    • Embrace divine life like you’ve never experienced before.

      You will have everything you need to QUANTUM LEAP toward any dreams, desires and goals you put your mind, heart and soul toward.


      Imagine a life full of fulfillment, peace, success & magic!

      The R.E.A.L. Healing Method© goes beyond ‘peeling layer after layer’ that conventional healing modalities do.

      It offers comprehensive insight into the root causes behind the persistent negative patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that plague so many people.

      By examining and changing negative karmic patterns, ancestral imprints that may be affecting us at a soul-cellular-DNA level, we can gain R.E.A.L. and meaningful explanations for many of our present-life experiences.

      …and resolve these experiences to finally create what we truly want for ourselves.

      A life where you can always be recognized as the magnificent person you are. 

      With the R.E.A.L. Healing Method© in your hands, you will achieve the SELF-AWARENESS and inner authority necessary to ACTIVATE and CREATE wealth, prosperity and accelerated wellness in only 4 EASY steps. 

      If you’ve ever wanted a better relationship with your partner or EFFORTLESSLY manifested money when you needed it, this is your ticket to making all of this happen. 

      By investing in yourself, you will find that all doors and pathways are open to you.

      By using the R.E.A.L. Healing Method©, your REWARDS are Limitless…

      • Opportunities to grow and expand that were previously closed off to you.

      • Full confidence to shine and be yourself without any inclination to run or hide.


      • Respect from the people closest to you, without having to prove yourself, first.


      • ABUNDANCE in health, LOVE and PROSPERITY.


      • Full activation of your gifts to fulfill your Highest purpose.


      • Deep awakenings and expanded AURA.


      • A life full of pure and profound love with unconditional self-acceptance to be you.


      • The ability to stay grounded, intuitive, and centered in any situation life throws at you.

      Client Testimonial

      Janet Nichols

      Now, are you ready to stop running in circles and worrying about the “what if’s” or the “how’s.” 

      Then, let’s journey together. 


      The transformative journey to SOUL ALIGNMENT, PROSPERITY and FREEDOM

      Achieve the life you’ve always wanted through this one-of-a-kind modality the R.E.A.L Healing Method© that encompasses; Akashic, Ancestral clearing, sprinkled with the wisdom of HUMAN DESIGN and GENE KEYS to QUANTUM LEAP your AWAKENING to a mind-blowing TRANSFORMATION always through your Higher Self.

      Through this powerful yet simple energetic healing modality, we can remove and change the negative karmic patterns and limiting beliefs on a deep cellular-level to supercharge your life and gifts and completely heal your trauma. 

      Have you ever wondered why certain worries, self-doubts, trauma, addictions and diseases persist within your family?

      That’s because of karmic patterns, which can span over 2-14+ generations! With the R.E.A.L Healing Method©, you will be able to go directly to your DNA to reverse the karmic pattern, clear everything in your family line, and live the life that was always meant for you! 

      Just imagine your healing will release karmic patterns from you and your ancestor lines to provide a healing for past and future generations

      You know you are out of alignment when you…

      • Have dreams or a cascade of ideas tucked away, never to see them all the way through.
      • Feel like the sidelines have become so comfortable that it’s easier to not to be heard or seen, preventing anyone from knowing you as the magnificent expert you are. 
      • Allow doubts and limitations to control your life, leaving you constantly wondering if you can live up to everyone else’s expectations.
      • Are frustrated because you can’t seem to move forward, no matter how much you want to.  
      • Have a deep soul dissatisfaction that never fades away.
      • Hold resentment toward friends and family who are constantly telling you how to become successful from their standpoint, not yours. 

      But when you are in alignment, you…

      • Feel content and satisfied with your life.
      • Are able to start and finish everything you put your mind to. 
      • Experience a flow of opportunities that never dry up. 
      • Achieve your dreams and desires with peace and ease
      • Live a mystical life, full of magic and surprises
      • Often see success knock on your door, without the hustle and grind
      • Feel a deeper connection to your heart and soul
      • Become more aware of what does and does not serve you.

        Did you know that most people vibrate at a frequency of 200 Hz? 

        That means they are trapped by their fear, their frustration and their irritation! In doing so, they are missing out on profound love, happiness, peace, bliss, gratitude, freedom and cosmic consciousness! Imagine living life without ever exploring or experiencing any of these emotions, simply because your life didn’t allow you to. By understanding how healing frequencies work, you are able to free yourself from the confines of your life so you can start anew. 

        If this is you, don’t fret. With the R.E.A.L. Healing Method©, you will be able to tap into your wealth, prosperity and health genetic codes so you can live to your full potential. With these in the palm of your hands, you can free yourself of lower frequency behaviors and habits so you can raise your vibration and create the life of your dreams. 

        What if tapping into your soul’s essence was the key to stop playing small and start living BIG?

        Improved relationships, better health, and wealth are all within easy reach, once you undergo the R.E.A.L. Healing Method©.  

        Can you imagine how it would feel for all of this to come true?  

        Envision what it would be like to FULLY walk in your purpose.

        • Become SUCCESSFUL helping others because you are giving them what they want and need.
        • Invoke your SOUL’S ESSENCE to magnetize,your tribe/fractal line in serving them Be SATISFIED and at PEACE knowing you are the expert your tribe is seeking.
        • Enjoying optimal HEALTH
        • Access profound LOVE and a life filled with magic.
        • Understand WEALTH and PROSPERITY beyond what you can imagine.
        • Knowing what to do to get yourself back in alignment when opportunities knock at your door.

          When you join this program, you will be shown how to:

          • How to quickly gather intuitive information 
          • Understand what questions to ask 
          • Be provided with the necessary steps that are proven to release internal blocks


            Now…are you ready to see the magic of R.E.A.L. Healing Method© for yourself?

            Check it out HERE

            Live Your Potential

            (30-Day Group Program)

            Unlock your FULL PURPOSE in 30 days!

            You are here to make big things happen by changing people’s lives and creating a REAL legacy.

             Get ready to harness your authentic power and learn how to get fully aligned, awakened, and living life on your terms. 

            Would you like to know the SECRET how to ACTIVATE and MAGNETIZE your LIFE in 4-easy power steps?

            • 4 LIVE intimate group sessions (with replays) Each session is set up to guide how to learn and practice the R.E.A.L HEALING METHOD©
            • Interactive guides, worksheets, and exercises
            • Opportunities to practice this modality on yourself and your loved ones
            • A loving community to support you on your journey.

            Intuitive/Healing Breakthrough Sessions

            (Zoom Live Session or In-Person)

            What you might experience from Intuitive Healing Sessions/ with Judy…

            • Locate and heal your deepest pain.
            • Uncover and release trauma/drama issues from your past.
            • Make positive changes on a cellular Genetic level.
            • Identify and clear unhealthy issues related to family dynamics.
            • Dissolve low self-esteem issues.
            • Connect at a deeper level to your Higher Self [HEART & SOUL]
            • Bring awareness of your spiritual gifts.
            • Heal ancestral karma.
            • End the feelings of not being heard, supported and never enough!
            • Open to trust self and others
            • Awareness of balance, mindfulness, and alignment in your life
            • Create new healthy patterns from a spirit, mind and body perspective.
            • Strengthen your ability to forgive and release your past.
            • Raise your frequency to bring in more light to your cells and energy fields.

            Introduction R.E.A.L. HEALING METHOD© Sessions to experience deep transformation in the shortest time.

            $111 /30 Minute Session 

            $222 /60 Minute Session 

            $333.00 90-minutes

            $444.00 120-minutes

            $499.00 2.5 hours for a VIP transformation Sessions

            The R.E.A.L. HEALING METHOD© Golden Path Programs are being offered for 90 days to 12 months. Please schedule a time to chat with Judy.

            If you’re tired of waiting to live your life on your terms and finally want to put the “what if’s” behind you, then it’s time to get R.E.A.L!

            Sign up today to raise your vibrations for better health, wealth, and success! 

            Do you want to master the R.E.A.L HEALING METHOD© so you can use it on your clients? Sign up for the certification program so you can create lasting change for anyone who crosses your path. Please enter your information on the WAITLIST to enroll in the program, which starts in June 2023. 

            Have questions about the programs? Schedule a complimentary session to discuss further.

            Dedicate your energy towards your Highest work, without working for hours and hours on end.